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What’s all this then

May 14, 2009

Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski Fistfight in Hell will be a novel. This novel will contain a character based on the winner of an eBay auction. You can read more about that at or

On this blog I will keep a diary of the process of creating the book at getting it into print. In this first post all I have to offer are some random notes that I have made. They follow:

This is not a remake of rio bravo

Alcoholic loser
dead beat
sex addict
Friend (don’t know him yet- auction still going) tries to save deadbeat
pro wrestling on small scale
tragic back story
maybe some poems and lists and stuff
first person
henry chinaski shows up. – – maybe they go to a reading
why do I think Tao lin is in this???
road trip?
metaphor heavy
lots of sex
some violence
whiskey discussions
secondary characters behave like ghosts