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Has the novel hit a wall?

June 22, 2009

Yes. It has. But this isn’t the wall I am used to. This wall splits it up. I currently have two drafts going, running in two different directions. I don’t know if they will converge, or if I’m accidentally writing two different novels.

My brain is such a weird thing.


Target Audience

May 27, 2009

Target Audience Magazine has asked me to wrte an article about this novel and the ebay auction involved.

I am very excited.


May 23, 2009

Bukowski has made his first appearance in the novel. Sort of. Actually, a character mentions having gone to a poetry reading by a guy named Henry Chinaski, but everyone will know what I mean.

This isn’t the fastest I’ve written, but is is coming quickly.

Wrestling stuff is seeping in too.

What’s all this then

May 14, 2009

Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski Fistfight in Hell will be a novel. This novel will contain a character based on the winner of an eBay auction. You can read more about that at or

On this blog I will keep a diary of the process of creating the book at getting it into print. In this first post all I have to offer are some random notes that I have made. They follow:

This is not a remake of rio bravo

Alcoholic loser
dead beat
sex addict
Friend (don’t know him yet- auction still going) tries to save deadbeat
pro wrestling on small scale
tragic back story
maybe some poems and lists and stuff
first person
henry chinaski shows up. – – maybe they go to a reading
why do I think Tao lin is in this???
road trip?
metaphor heavy
lots of sex
some violence
whiskey discussions
secondary characters behave like ghosts